Lyza moved to N.Y. from Seattle and quickly entered the local scene, singing at downtown clubs and recording sessions.  She has just added 4 songs to her already critically acclaimed CD, which has been played on over 150 college stations, and which boasts a #4 AC single entitled "I Will Be There For You".    As well as being a great vocalist and stylist, Lyza has toured internationally as a dancer, all reflected in her show, which can range from "huge" (e.g.. entourage) to intimate/acoustic.  Her "trippy chick" style, memorable and eclectic songs and eccentric vibe are meeting with great response and Lyza is well on the path to getting her music out there.    Please check out the new video "In Your Face" plus her performance of two songs ("Anonymous" and "I Like It") in Belgium on her  European tour, on the Video page.


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